Optimal way to connect Sprout 100 to REL subwoofer

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Paul made a video here that recommends using high level outputs for connecting subwoofers to power amplifiers: The best way to connect a subwoofer - YouTube

I am contemplating the purchase of a Sprout 100 along with a REL subwoofer that has a high level input.

What is the recommended way of connecting a subwoofer like this along with the mains using banana plugs?

Also, related to the subwoofer out on the Sprout 100, I’ve read conflicting reports about whether the Sprout does bass management or not. That is, when a subwoofer is plugged into the subwoofer out on the Sprout, does it apply a high pass filter to the mains?

Some folks say that using the adjustable crossover on a subwoofer like the Emotiva Airmotiv SE12 can make a big difference. Is this an important consideration? If it is important, how can it be the case that REL and Paul recommend using the high level outputs out of an amp which would not provide high pass for the mains. The subwoofer of course has its own low pass filter.

Thanks in advance for providing additional insights into this matter.

rel has a blog post about connecting to class-d gear.

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The subwoofer output of Sprout is full range and relies upon the internal crossover of the subwoofer for its rolloff.

Hope that helps. BTW, in my home I have a system with Sprout and a REL subwoofer. I use the subwoofer RCA out of Sprout to feed it. My recommendation for using the speaker outputs of the amp is important as you get into my resolving systems.

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