Best way to go with Stellar PowerPlant 3

Hi, I’m brand new to the forum, so go easy on me please. I am having a brand new listening room built in my basement, doing good things I hope in terms of room size, sound isolation, treatment, and AC power. I am pulling a 20A dedicated AC circuit from a new sub-panel, high-quality Siemens breaker, 10AWG wire, dedicated ground, and hospital grade outlet. Of course I’m looking at new toys, so for amplification upgrade I was heading for the Stellar S300 or maybe M700 mono blocks. I’ve read about the PowerPlant 3 and see that I have a choice of bypassing the regenerator mode with filtered “straight” power or using the regenerated side that has enough power to do this. However, I’ve read in a few places that for the main amp, with my new circuit, I’d be better off doing nothing. If I use the filtered bypass, will that preserve the advantages of my dedicated circuit or would it make more sense to use regen? In that case, why even do the dedicated circuit? And what about other gear - should I plug them into the regen side and the amp into the “straight” side? I downloaded the P3 user guide, but it’s a bit hazy on this. Thanks much!

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Welcome to the thread. Lots of knowledgeable people hang out here that should be able to provide some great advice. One thought, considering the potential for future expansion, why stop at one dedicated 20 amp circuit? Also, maybe send an email to @jamesh, PS Audio representative occasionally on this forum, as PS A is running a Private Promotion that includes the M700 until they sell out. I say no more.

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Welcome! You could always play around and decide what sounds better to your ears. It might be so nice already, that you don’t benefit from regen. In my 130 year old home without even a dedicated circuit, I think there is more work to do for my P3 and P12. It sounds like you have invested well and appreciate getting a clean power source. Good thinking!

Just got your email. I’ll reply in a few. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply! Look, I have no idea whether I’d be able to actually HEAR any differences with this, but a) I might as well try since it’s not that big an expense (with this being new construction), and b) I can at least brag about it. It certainly occurred to me to buy the P3 and play with the different settings, but I’d like to hear from others as to what would theoretically work the best. And to @weedeewop - good suggestion on doing more than one circuit while I’m at it. Thanks.

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I have a dedicated circuit that feeds my system in my basement listening room, and I plug my M700s (very highly recommended, by the way) into regen power from the P3. Just because your circuit isn’t shared with other household appliances doesn’t mean the power it provides can’t be improved. Its quality will depend on a lot of other things, most of which are in the hands of your power company and therefore out of your control.


I have three dedicated 20 amp feeds, 40 foot runs, in one of my listening rooms. Soon to add a P15, end of September. I also have 20 dedicated 20 amp feed in another listening room, those are fairly short runs, 4 and 10 feet as the room is over the distribution box.


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If you haven’'t yet seen, this thread (Stellar Power Plant 3 for a modest system) might answer some of your questions. My P3 has about 150 hrs on it and I believe it is still breaking in. Unfortunately, when received I was still breaking in speaker cables, but today have settled on the Morrow Audio SP4 cables (they now have 500+ hrs on them and sound Superb), thus will be closely monitoring any Additional sonic gains that the P3 could offer my overall music system after 300-400 hrs of break-in! :thinking:


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Hey, thanks for the link - I’ll read it now. And thanks to everyone else for your responses - it’s all good and practical info. I have no doubt that once the room (finally) gets done, I’m going to be hearing things in a new way.

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