Power Plant Stellar P3

Hello, I would like to buy the P3. The European version has 4 inputs. I have a Pre ViVA audio, 2 18W ViVA audio tube amplifiers, a PS Directstream Sr. and Avantgarde duo omega speakers whose subs are amplified in class D.
What do you recommend to connect to the P3?
Thank you

Edit: thanks @danofesherintheuk his approach is right!

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I’d connect it all initially and take it from there.

I’d connect the pre and the Directstream to the two regenerated outputs. I’d then use adaptors or connecting blocks to the pair of amps and the pair of subs. If necessary run the amps and subs via the HC option but I reckon you’ll probably be able to run them with the switch set to regenerated. My guess is you’ll be so pleased with it that you’ll buy a second SP3 (I have two P10s and one SP3 - does a great job).

Thanks for the replies.
Do you think I can attach all the electronics to P3? Could he make it?

You can certainly give it a try and see. The output indicator LED will let you know if you’re pulling too much current from it. If you do end up pulling too much from it, the first things I’d remove from it are the subs. They are less critical in my experience with regard to plugging them into a regen.

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Thanks Jamesh. I’ll let you know how it works. Thank you. A good day