Best ways to record to cassette?

i love cassettes, and i whish people develop more the wonderful mini “reel to reel” that can be made litle bigger for example :kissing_heart:

what type of cassettes do you recommend for recording? and do you use dolby b? are 60 minutes cassettes better in quality than 120 minutes?


Back in the 70s Air Force, we all bought Japanese stereo equipment overseas at on base stores. Cassette decks were huge. 90 min tapes were the most popular because you could fit an entire album on each side. There were some nice open tape options too. This one on eBay was a favorite of several of us barracks dwellers.

i see , wonderful reel to reel

ps. i have some reel to reel drops wow amazing things :kissing_closed_eyes:

I im thinking record from 1 prerecorded cassette type 1 to a empty type 1 cassette, i have 2 similar cassette decks, i wonder if i should put the bias at 0 ?