Show Me Your Reel to Reel Tapedeck

Here’s mine! Otari MX5050B 2II

IMG_5312 2


Teac X-10R with a dbx 224 Type II noise reduction unit sitting on top. I’ve had these pieces since 1981. I recorded the tape I’m playing in 1982 while stationed in Munich Germany. Those were the days :smiling_face:!!


I have my Otari since 2020 but before that I had a Tandberg TD 20A from 1983 to 2020.


Good idea for a thread…



Sweet! had a Teac 6300 in the late 70’s through the mid 80’s. Enjoyed it while I had it.

Nice Teac Deck, I used a dBx 122 with it and a Wollensak/Advent cassette deck from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s. All long gone. A good friend wanted the Teac and dBx more than I did. I moved on to a Nakamichi cassette deck.



Now this is grand :slight_smile:

I still miss threading tapes - anyone got anything bigger?
half inch half track?

or even some multitrack machines lying around?

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Otari MX5050 BII-2
Flux Magnetics heads wired directly to Bottlehead Tube Repro feeding Merging Technologies Anubis for DSD256 direct captures.


I had one of those in the late 80s - pretty battered when I came across it in a junk shop but still played well :slight_smile:

I truly enjoyed mine, however it did not age well. Problems primarily due to the mechanical controls, for basic drive functions, fast forward, etc.

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Anything with moving parts is destined for the dump.

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This is not how they are usually set up. I just posed them this way for your viewing pleasure :joy: The one that is being used is brought to the front, and the one that is not is placed behind it.

Since I recently restored the Teac, that one is the one I have been using lately, and I posted photos in the “What are you spinning now? Mark 20” topic not too long ago.

BTW the Teac also supports 10" reels. Currently, I only have one set of NAB hubs.


Terrific tape decks.

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Indeed, I have resisted to temptation to go looking on eBay as I know even a good one will need a lot of work and ongoing maintenance :slight_smile:


The Technics is headed into the shop for some work this spring. The good thing about these old decks, at least while there are people around who know how to work on them, is that they can be modified to your preference.

When the Technics deck goes in for maintenance, it will be modified to have IEC playback equalization selectable by a button. Being an NAB deck It plays back everything as if it were recorded with NAB equalization.

The second change made while there is to have the NAB record equalization circuits tuned for modern tape formulas (the tapes I record on now). Thereby maximizing the quality of what I can record.

The one thing that won’t be done is to add IEC equalization for recording. From what I have been told, that is a much more complicated modification and is not something that anyone is willing to do. I guess there will be a third deck in my future :wink: :open_mouth:

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Yep. Even us. But I don’t see any problem with trying to keep them going for as long as possible.

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A good point - years ago we knew an excellent VCR and TV engineer, had a shop just stacked with bits and old sets etc.
I think he lived in the actual shop part as well.

Could fix absolutely anything vcr related.

Long gone, along with his skills, and his shop :confused:


Not an actual photo of mine but this was the open reel deck I owned from 1974 to the early 90s: a Dokorder 7140.


Here’s a picture of my Tandberg TD 20A I had from 1983 until 2020.