Sunday fun day

Poor mans infinity IRS V. :rofl::rofl::rofl: had some fun toying around with my set of gamma’s and my beta subs.


Awesome setup. What vintage is the reel to reel tape rig?

Hi @Baldy thanks very much. its a Revox B77-HS 2 Track player/recorder from about 1986

Pretty cool. I had a TEAC (cant remember the model) back in the late '70’s that I would use to tape FM broadcasts of concerts , new music, record album tracks,etc for playback later. My house got a lightening strike that killed all of the electric components and none of them were covered by insurance so that one didn’t get replaced. It was the talk of the party for quite a while though. It was fun making a mix tape and not have to fuss with a turntable while the party was going on. Thanks again for sharing.

Very nice setup.

Thanks very much @michaelhifi it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon lol. Sadly the gammas have to go back to the living room and the beta mains are back in place