Beta Test Impressions for New Stellar Phono Preamp!

Not true, about beta testing not for overseas customers. Me, and I know others in 230V export markets, all received the same email from PS Audio inviting them to join the beta testing program for this product. They 100% for sure know that I and those others are all international customers, if the beta was for US only customers then why were we asked to buy one?

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I remember playing telephone in grade school and I was always shocked by how much the phrase would change. I was never certain if it was by accident, or the ‘funny guys’ in class changing it on purpose…

We are doing a fully comprehensive beta test internationally, but for logistic reasons, it’s all being done through our int’ distributors. I did not have the permission send any int’ units to end users.

Let the All Vinyl Weekend begin!

Me, Darren and James (in case anyone was wondering)
A coupla really good humans. Hard to come by.


Fun…I only see one old man in that picture…coming from a man with low density hair and a lot of gray in his beard.


CONGRATS! Let the spin zone be void of Debbie Downers or Felix Ungers

OUCH! That hurt! Wait a minute… I just turned old 3 weeks ago… now I have to start complaining a lot like Felix Unger and I would fit the bill… need to start honking…


My daughter recently told me I was “younger” than her 30-something boss. He was thankfully let go, to everyone’s relief.

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OK…I’m listening to first my old Sutherland phono pre…and then to the new DM Stellar phono pre. I have formed some early impressions…and consumed a couple beers…so, I’ll compile first impressions tomorrow. But, so far, I want to say, I’m mightily impressed. This may be a game changing product at this price point. More to come…


Whoa, that is quite a teaser. :slight_smile:

Y’ain’t heard nothin’ yet🤤

We did a bunch of Alpha stuff at Calord’s. This just transforms his rig vs. the Sutherland. As it does mine. And the telling/mind-boggling thing to me in my rig is that this kicks ass on my (3)AX-7 phono board in the VTL. Qualitatively and quantitatively. (Actually not sure what quantitative means in this context…but…its there😝). Just More Everything, I guess.


I had a Sutherland phd and it was special!


HeHe…Had to chuckle on this one…
As we say here, time for a med adjustment.
Just joking naturally.

Yup…I would be the last person to give anyone shit for whatever form of meds are necessary given your circs. It is essentially not a funny or appropriate thing to say to someone.

However…this is supposed to be fun. Just one of the few uncomplicated pleasures of life. Listening to Music.

I recently realized that Music is my true Religion. Ever since I was little. I was just slow on the uptake.


Is it good to go out of the box (once warmed up) or are judgments best made after some break in?

Like any other component, break in/burn in is a Good Thing, as Martha would say. One can - and I’m sure you could find more than one local denizen who would - argue that it is your head that “breaks in”, but that is at least in part that you are being presented with sound you have not heard before.

However, once the Gain and Loading is tweaked…it is crazy good right out of the box.

Phono preamp burn in can be rather tricky. What I have done is to run white noise and a frequency sweep into it with series resistors to cut the level back. Also playing FM broadcasts into it, again with the appropriate series resistors.

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This may also be used to adjust the input to a phono stage for proper burn in.

I don’t do Vinyl anymore because I’m a “Digital Man” while still an “Analog Kid” at heart. I’m hoping one day to get my hands on a DirectStream Sr. DAC (in Black of course) and add it to my arsenal.

Personally if I was still into Vinyl, I’d want the Stellar Phono Preamp over the DSD Sr. But I sold off my LP collection 3 years ago but transferred everything to 96/24 PCM files for memories sake.

For all you Vinyl Lovers…enjoy…I’m sure Darren, Paul, & Co. did one Hell of a Job !

Sorry for all Rush references Eh !


I’m a Black Guy as well (James will get the joke). I was happy about the current display in the Sales Room:

Dang, that’s Purdy.


Don’t frown when ya got Brown BadBeef :joy: Once I I get my Stellar Stack paid off. Next year’s big ticket item (for me) is a DSD Sr.

They were just setting up the display when I was there 3 weeks ago. Meeting Gus Skinas was my highlight and his 5.0 DSD setup gives Paul’s IRS V’s a good run for the money. James & Jason were awesome hosts. Letting a Guy like me loose within the confines of the PS Audio Factory, music room’s, and Octave Studio’s is like putting a Fox (OK…Silver Balding Fox) in the Chicken Pen !