BHK 250 and outdoor speakers

I have a mounted and wired set of outdoor speakers. Can I—or should I—connect this second set of speakers to the unused binding posts on my BHK-250? Input would be much appreciated.

Eh, not a great idea. It can be hard on the amp to have multiple sets of speakers connected to the same amp.

Because the outdoor playback won’t be critical listening, you’d be much better off getting an inexpensive amp and hooking the speakers up to it.

Thank you. I suspected as much.

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One other solution might be to use an A/B switch box to select one speaker set or the other but you would need to be using conventional two wire type speaker wire.

I highly recommend the AudioSource AMP100 for outdoor setups. I use one to drive a pair of old JBL 4208. The cool part is the amp senses a signal and auto powers up. I use a Chromecast Audio wirelessly. The amp is class a/b and sounds fine for outdoor use. I have a BHK 250 for inside.

Here’s the newer version but appears to have all the same features/functions.

As long as your two speakers in parallel don’t dip too low in impedance, sure, that’s fine.

I use a separate integrated amp for outside speakers. Lots of nice/inexpensive ones available used on audiogon (at least every time I look). Gives you the benefit of separate volume controls too.

Edit: the audisourse amp as suggested looks perfect too. Nice price for sure.