BHK 250 vs Quad platinum

Does anyone have experience Quad Platinum stereo or mono block amps?
I am debating between bhk 250 stereo amp or quad platinum monos. (both used). I can get the quad monoblocks for about $1000 less. Are these as good (or better) than the bhk 250? I can’t find much info on them online.
Thanks for your help

How do the performance specs compare?

All thing being equal, I am biased towards monos, believing you can get more out of your speakers with dedicated amps for each channel.



That would depend on the design of the Stereo Amp. The BHK250 has separate windings in the transformer for each channel and separate rectifiers and capacitors for each channel. The design of the amps sonic performance is more effective than just having two chassis and two power cords.


True.! Also, BHK amplifiers are equipped with ‘two’ transformers, tube input stage has a transformer which is hidden from view below the input stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the musicality performance of the BHK amplifiers - but unfortunately, it was never that straightforward !!


Sure, but I stand by my GENERALIZATION and the relevance of my inquiry about the comparative specifications.

Short version: “I agree.”