BHK 300 Monos vs. Bi-amping w. 2x BHK 250?

Hi everyone,
does it make any sence to use two BHK 250 for either vertical or horizontal bi-amping rather than go directely for the 300s mono? eg different cables for treble and bass or could this just be smart option for upgrading from “only” one 250 to two boxes? Or will the 300s always outperform a pair of 250s per se? Any experiences or views?

Welcome, @Stephan_from_Hamburg !

I expect the 300 to out perform the 250 under all circumstances. I do however acknowledge the possibility there is some configuration where the 250 could be better.

I would go directly to the 300.

An interesting question.


Thx Elk!

My Preamp offers both a tube and a SS output simultaneously (AVM PA 8.2). That’s why I thought about using the tube out for high/mid and the SS out for bass amplification - but could be to experimental or even weird?

My first thought would be that bi-amping with a pair of 250’s probably falls in the category of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

That said…if you want to volunteer to perform the rather expensive experiment of testing it out, and then share your experience, I’d be super interested to know how it turned out!! :grin:

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Paul recommends going “balls against the wall” and I agree :slight_smile:

I think the benefit of bi-amp vs bi-wire or one BHK 300 is going to be dependent on the demands of your woofers and how different the impedance curves are between the two. One of the “goal” of bi-amp is to separate the demand on the power supply between the woofer and the tweeter. I’m not sure you’re going to be truly doing this as I believe the power supply in the 300 and 250 are the same (that is, on the 250 the same supply is being tapped for both channels).

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