Upgrade from m700 to bhk 250

Hi all

I would like your input on if the upgrade from the m700s to the bhk 250 would be a substantial upgrade on the sound quality specially based on the price difference.

My other components are
DIrectstream Dac
BHK Preamp
Power plant P12
B&W 805 d3

Thank you

Yes, it’s not a huge level of better. The M700 are really good, but after hearing the BHK250 you won’t want to go back. With your system you will hear a difference.


Thank you for your input on this

I upgraded from m700’s to BHK250. Initially, before burn-in a good upgrade. After BHK250 has some time to warm up, a very nice sweet. I am now ready to do some tube rolling, as the Amperex 7308 made a huge difference in my BHK Pre. I expect even more with NOS in Amp.

Very happy with upgrade, BHK250 has been around for a few years, so you should be able to get great price on new one. It is a big and heavy beast, and does get a bit warm, which may bother me this summer…

ALL PS Audio and loving it! Thanks Paul and PS Audio Team!
Goldenear T Ref

Next up, some ISO-Acoustics Orea’s for most of the above. Those new PS Audio speakers will have to be killers to replace my GE T Refs!


Tks a look for your comments. I might make the jump and go for the bhk250s :slight_smile:

Nice! The BHKs are just my favorite amplifiers of all time. I know it’s hard for people to get their heads wrapped around the need for great amplifier power in the system - especially when the amp just sits their quietly doing its job without complaint or notice,
but once you take the plunge and upgrade to a BHK or M700s there’s a whole new world of music waiting for you.



Among high-end amplifiers with lofty aspirations, the BHKs are far less expensive than their competitors. I’m sure you have heard amps that cost far more.

Oh, that is for sure. I’ve heard $100K amps that are good but just don’t float my musical boat like the BHKs. There’s certainly prettier ones out there but none I have found that come close sonically.

I know it’s not ideal but the P12 would be able to power the BHK 300s?
The other components connect to the p12 would a Directstream and the BHK preamp.

I wouldn’t recommend the P12 for a pair of BHK amps. It can technically do it but it’ll be struggling.

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Tks for the clarification Paul appreciated

Hi Paul,

What about the following for a P20:

Emotiva RMC-1(Surround sound)
BHK Pre-2 channel and HT bypass
2 BHK 300s
1 Steller M700 on center
1 Emotiva surround sound amp(10 channel for sides, rears, atmos ceiling)
Oppo 203
Cable box

Do you think it can handle that, most that have it say it can but I want to get your feedback.

Thanks for all you do!


A P20 for each BHK then?

Follow up on that I guess that the p12 also will struggle with the bhk 250? Tks for all the guidance !

Man I hope not…I am trying to save for the first one now lol

I have the following equipment plugged into a P20 on a dedicated 20 amp circuit and the load hasn’t exceeded 35%. You should be good with one P20.

BHK Preamp
DirectStream DAC
BHK 300’s
Intel NUC 8th Gen for Roon Core
DLink DSG-105
Sony XBR85X900F TV
Xfinity X1 Cable Box
4K Apple TV

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I’m running my BHK 300s, BHK Pre, DMP, DSDac, all through my P12. No problem. Not even working hard! My speakers are PBN M2!5. Easy to drive, 4 ohm, 95db/1w/1meter.

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I end up upgrading to the BHK 300, now I am no sure if I should connect the amps direct to the wall and use the P12 only for the DSD and BHK Pre or connect all to the P12.
When i connect all the electronics and amps to the P12 load is around 46%.
Beside load on the P12, the amps would have any limitation in dynamics, sound quality or any risk to damage any of the components?

I ran a p12 that way for a while. Didn’t have any issues, great sound. It sounded nearly the same as the P20 I replaced it with, until, I got a couple dedicated 20 amp circuits. WOW

Is one DirectStream P15 Power Plant enough to power BHK 300’s without struggle or compromise?

Also, I’d be interested in your thoughts on why there are random, intermittent clicks from both my BHK 300 monoblocks (about 3 or 4 times per amp) starting about 20 minutes after front panel turn-on, lasting about 1 1/2 hours. I suspect thermal expansion & contraction of part(s) during warm up & cool down (happens once or twice about 20 minutes after front panel turn-off). Clicks are not coming through the loudspeakers, but directly from the amps. Back panel on/off always switched “on”. Not a big problem, amps sound great from turn-on to reluctant turn-off. Very reluctant turn off. Will be spending a lot more on tube replacement than I originally anticipated.