BHK 250 Channel Imbalance

I have had my 250 for about a year, purchased used from TMR in Colorado. The more I dial in my system with speaker placement, better DAC, cables, tubes, new speakers, etc the more I notice a channel imbalance. It is more pronounced on some tracks than others but I am getting a very off center lead vocal, leaning to the right. I have switched left to right XLR’s coming out of my DS Sr. still leaning right, I have switched the tubes left to right, same outcome, speaker cables switched, speakers, completely different speakers I’ve tried everything I can think of to test it and I’m still getting the offcenter image. Speakers measure physically exactly same distance from chair, toe in is identical. Just playing around with Dirac and its correction is -.3 to -.6 db down on the right channel. This does bring the image into center but I don’t like the way Dirac EQ’s the sound. I can also use the balance on the DS Sr. dropping the right side 5 to 8 but I seem to lose something there.

Anyone else have a similar issue or have a fix? Are there internal user gain adjustments that can be made?

I can see how that would be very irritating

If you’ve swapped the channels and the speaker cables it has to be room acoustics.


I just had the same problem. Ready to pull out what little hair I have left. Discovered it was a bad xlr cable. Bought a new one. Problem solved.

or tubes reaching their end at different times.