Channel balance out

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BHK mono blocks
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System turned on after nearly a month (was totally powered off from the main power switch at the back of P20), sound in left channel is significantly lower. All components and cables checked and problem seems to be in the power amp feeding the left channel. Any idea what’s going on people? Has anyone had this issue?


I assume you swapped the left and right cables that plug into to power amps?

I don’t own BHK gear. Do you have access to a tube tester? You might try switching the tubes between channels or try another set of tubes. Verify the balance is set correctly on the preamp.

Have you checked to make sure the DSD and BHK pre’s balance controls are at 0? Also, how did you determine it is the amp causing the imbalance?

Tubes. I know you said it was turned off for month so in principle if the tubes were ok before they should be ok after. Be that as it may, I’d be switching tubes first act to diagnose the problem. That’s assuming of course you’ve checked your balance controls as James suggested.

  • balance controls … ok
  • check with another source … same issue
  • changed xlr left out from pre to right power and xlr right out from pre to left power … low output still in left speaker
  • checked with another pair of xlr … same issue
  • left speaker wire in right power and right speaker wire in left power … low output sound moves to right speaker

swapped tubes also between both power … no change … low output still in left speaker

Did you try completely swapping the speaker cables between the right & left sides of your system?

Perfect, testing. Can’t ask for a whole lot better. In order to make the image sound in the center, how far do you have to adjust the balance in the pre to the left?

between 18 and 20

One more suggestion. Try power cycling everything even though the system had been off awhile. No joy? Let your fingers do the dialing to PSA customer service. They’re the best.