BHK 250 Stereo Amp Tubes


I recently became the proud owner of a BHK 250 Stereo Amp. The tubes needed to be replaced so I went with the Gold Lion 6922 direct from PS Audio. I am pleased with how the amp sounds, but I would love to start finding the set of tubes to hone in my preferred sound. I am very new to tubes, but I have done some research prior to posting. Looking online it seems many like the Telefunken E88CC-TK’s as a tube to provide greater clarity/detail (link below). My question is if I were to order a pair of Telefunken’s would I want a matched pair or matched pair with balanced triodes? Are people referencing a different Telefunken E88CC than my link below?

Link: E88CC-TK Vacuum Tube (6922) - TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

I apologize for the new questions, as I said I am very new to tubes and I did not find a direct result in doing a search last night.

Thank you all!

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The matched pair with the balanced triodes would be the best option. I have tried various tubes and am currently using a set of Amperex Bugel Boys. Have fun trying different tubes.


The tubes you link to are not the tubes that are generally preferred. Those are a modern “recreation” of the original tubes (and they cost far less money.) Real Telefunkens are rare, expensive, and rather hard to find. Someone like Brent Jesse is a good source:

Telefunken listings are at the top of the page section listing his inventory in that tube variety. Don’t necessarily get hung up on the idea that Telefunken is the best in every system. Depends on your goals and sound preferences.

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This topic has a good bit of info.

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I would be using an amazing pair of 1960s NOS Siemens 7308s in my BHK 250 (7308s are six-volt 6DJ8 compatible) if they weren’t so darned scarce. Those were purchased from Brent Jesse. Easily the finest 6DJ8 compatible small signal tubes in my tube box. Desert island treasures that’ll be used very conservatively. I’m sticking with New Sensor Gold Lion 6922s. They’re quite good. Maybe I’ll get the bug to burn off some hours on my 7308s in the 250, but those are really best reserved for a preamp or phono stage. I change my mind frequently.

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Last year I bought some cheap 6922 Russian NOS tubes(search: VOSKHOD MILITARY TUBES) from Ukraine ebay seller


For 3 bucks a piece. They sounded better than my Stock Gold Lion and my NOS matched pair of Tungsgram from Upscale Audio.

I Bet all the German fancy tubes sound fancy as well, but I’m a cheapskate on tubes.

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You should buy one decent pair. You can easily resell them if they don’t work out. I highly recommend you try it.


Thank you for the helpful and warm responses everyone!

Sixpack1: Thank you for the input, I will keep the balanced triodes in mind then over the regular matched pair.

Photon46: Yea I am begging to realize that as I search more. The link I provided is far cheaper than what you find at tube depot. I am curious how the new TF’s compare to the gold lions that PS audio recommends. Thank you for the link! Definitely saving that as I wouldn’t mind testing some older/nicer tubes.

VKennedy: Thank you! Glad to be on the forum!

I certainly would like to have a couple sets of nicer/rarer tubes but given the price is higher than anticipated I will be waiting for 1. Availability 2. recoup some funding. I may also test the TK’s with balanced triodes to see how the stack up against the gold lions.

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expensive tubes reminds me of expensive wine, I have the palette and taste for it, but will always refuse to pay for them… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

These tubes will last 10,000 hours plus. Expensive wine just a few hours.