Has anyone used Telefunken 6922's in their BHK pre?

I have an opportunity to buy some at a fraction of what Uncle Kevvy charges, so I’m just wondering.
They came from Upscale just a couple months ago, work perfectly, but my friend doesn’t like them.
He’s quite far away, so I can’t just try them.

Unless he wants stupid money for them, Just Do It, as the sneaker folks say.

Lotta different iterations of them however.

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Yes, but Upscale only sells one. Iteration, that is.

The $40 ones? And you can get them for a fraction? Knock yourself out ; )

Telefunken E88CC / 6922

Telefunken E88CC / 6922

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  • Regular price $417.00

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Owie. That’s all gotten so crazy.

I ran these 81’s into the ground. So good. But I think they were a tiny fraction of that at the time.

That’s why I’m asking. But so far, I can’t find anyone who’s used them.

What’s the application?

And define “Quite far away” and “friend” ; )

Telefunken’s are great tubes. There are many sources for less. If you get a good price go for it. If you’re unhappy they are easy to flip.


There’s a reason they are labeled


Huh–My Tele is funkin pretty often lately.


I now have somewhere I can crank mine, but it ain’t been out of the case yet.

I did a great R&B gig last Friday. Four horns. The Tele/Super Reverb was perfect.

Nice! Four horns! Those were the days… : )

We did a lot of blues. I felt like Mike Bloomfield in the Paul Butterfield Band

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You need Tele’s in your Super for your Tele. Just Sayin’ ; )

Otherwise, y’ain’t Truly Funken.

Mullards, maybe.


Less than Kevvy:


Have heard that the Black Diamonds don’t suck, at a small fraction of the price, but haven’t heard them…


yes - my favorite 6v tube in my BHK pre > DSD combo - just flat out smoked anything else. But - I think the Telefunken Black Diamond ECC82-TK’s (12v tubes) that I’m running now are as good, if not a hair better in the high and the really low range as the 6v NOS tubes. First 12v tube that I prefer over a 6v in the BHK.

If you can pick up the NOS 6922’s for a good price I’d go for it - you can always turn around and sell them if they don’t impress. I’ve picked up a few at a decent price the past few years that I’m holding onto - the good ones can be as quiet as the 12v tubes.

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Telefunken 6DJ8 and 7DJ8’s are a revelation in my BHK preamp.
Bass is so deep that I swear I’ve gained an octave in the lower registers. But it’s tight bass, not flabby.
Detail is great. These are not the most saturated tubes out there but they suit me to a tee.
Some clarification. I have not tried the single-stalk variation that Kevvy sells. These are the frame grid design - https://www.tubemuseum.org/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=TELE-7DJ8 - these ones have steel pins, not gold plated.

I have only used the diamond base - avoid the non-diamond which sound a bit brighter and etched. Diamond base ones were made in Ulm, West Germany. Non- Diamond are made by a variety of manufacturers (Siemens and others) with a different sound.
7DJ8 and 6DJ8 offer a subtle variation. Interestingly, the 6DJ8’s are a tad more relaxed than the 7DJ8 which surprised me as I assumed 7DJ8’s would always sound a bit more laid back that a 6DJ8 in the BHK. No hard and fast rules I guess. 6DJ8 is a tad less extended in the bass and a bit more relaxed in the treble. Midrange perhaps a tad sweeter than the 7DJ8 too.
Both amazing tubes if you want a dynamic, engaging tube.
Prices vary - good ones are a bit expensive and getting more so but you can pick up ones with slightly lower testing and poor writing if you look around.

End of rave review…

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Also out of stock.