BHK 300 Speaker Binding Posts & Cables

My new BHK 300s should be arriving next week and I’m wondering if the speaker cable binding posts are compatible with Banana plugs or not. On the pictures it’s hard to tell and in the specs it’s not mentioned. Also, does anyone have a tip for the spreaker cable?

The binding posts on my (beta) BHK 250 accept bananas. I had to unscrew them a bit to get the bananas inserted but then screwing it back locked the plugs firmly in. I think PSA changed the binding posts fairly early in production but suspect the newer ones work the same way. I use Belden Iconoclast speaker cables and am very happy with them.

They certainly are. They are the locking type so you unscrew them first, insert the banana and then tighten them back down.

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I have BHK 300’s and I use them exclusively with Bananas from Shunyata Cables and Siltech cables. All connectors are Banana’s. Some Banana connectors don’t go all the way in so be careful not to have an unforced error. My Shunyata STIS Bananas go all the way in and lock securely as per Paul’s instructions. The Siltech’s don’t quite go all the way in. There may be an 6mm of the Banana showing.
The Siltechs are on the top two posts and they fit the same way into the BHK 300’s.

Thanks guys! This is great! Now I don’t have to buy the expensive locking type WBT bananas as I had originally planned!

I just got my BHK300s a few hours ago. I tried to insert my bananas by unscrewing the posts but they are not entering. I had to use so much force that I bent them… the post seems to have two screws per connector that rotate independently. Am I doing something wrong?

One more question: in a full PSA chain (DS Sr, BHK pre, BHK300s) do you put the DAC output on high or low? Which sounds better? On high my system is quite loud at 25 (preamp).

I had the same problem on my BHK 250. Ate a couple bananas connectors the first day I got the amp. Had to send them back to get determinate to spades. Not a fan of the posts. Haven’t seen many others complain though.

Did you unscrew the locking binding post all the way? Sometimes banana connectors balloon out more than normal and thus are hard to get in. But if the post has been screwed all the way out it should work. Let me know…

I have mine at full out and then set the volume control to where loud on most things runs about 35.

Hi @Paul

I don’t have the ones that balloon out but the hollow thin ones. I’ve unscrewed the posts all the way but it seems there’s something inside the post blocking the way!?

That’s very strange. Let me do some investigating and get back to you on Monday. Sorry for the delay.

Humming from inside the chassis I guess? That is not normal and I suspect perhaps there’s some DC on the line, perhaps? Is it plugged into the same outlet as the other?

It can happen without DC. I have a pair of BHK 300s and both hummed from new. PS Audio kindly sent over specially built transformers and it fixed one but not the other. I can hear the hum from my listening seat if there is no music playing. The hum is there even if everything else is switched off (bar the P10 that powers the system).

Hi etchcube,

Thanks for letting us know about this.
Sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.
The speaker binding post is a little small but should not be so difficult to insert a banana plug as to cause it to bend.

If you don’t mind, please reach out t us at
We would like to know your BHK 300’s serial number.
The age of the unit may shed some light on which binding posts were installed.

Thanks in advance for that,

  • Jeremy

It seems the same quality issue of BHK binding posts still happening in 2021. It still seems a rocket science to take about 45 minutes (no kidding) for me to carefully insert 8 speaker cable banana plugs into 8 binding posts. 4 went all way in and 4 have 2/3 in. I had to use quite bit force and make sure not to break anything. And yes, I unscrewed them all the way up; screwing back in pushes the plug out.

Things like binding posts have a huge impact on quality/perceived quality.
The binding posts on my Wilson speakers are works of art that I want to show everyone who comes into my house. The plumber thought I was crazy.


Same on my Magico’s and of course the Accuphase amps which are incredible

Only use spades here so can’t talk about bananas but something tells me both these speakers and amps would both accept and secure them seamlessly


WBT 702.11 Signature Binding Post

I have these (8) installed on my Coda 8 amp…Do they make a difference in sound quality? I like to think so…:grin:


Very nice amp btw, Coda is quality flying below the audiophile radar IMO.

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