PS BHK 300 monoblocks in the house!

Sorry I can’t contain my excitement so I had to share that my 300s finally arrived today. Got them setup and running in now. They are paired to my BHK Signature preamp which arrrived 2 weeks earlier. They replaced some Magtech monoblocks so they have big shoes to fill amplifying Magnepan 20.7’s.
One thing I noticed was the speaker connectors would not accept my banana plugs. Any thoughts or ideas would help.

I’m surprised that your banana plugs won’t fit - can you provide a picture of why not?
Otherwise purchase a pair of Cardas (or similar) banana-to-spade adapters, or have the cables re-terminated.
If you are in Oz then AddictedtoAudio sell the Cardas adaptors.

They are a z style banana from Straightwire. I can unscrew the banana connector so I think I’ll just get the spade end for them. I just thought it was weird as I’ve never had this issue before.

Open the terminals all the way then insert the bananas then tighten the terminals.

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I actually tried that but it still would not accept the plugs. I ended up opening up the connectors and pushing the banana plug into the hole and tightening it down for now. Definitely not ideal

That’s how that connector is designed. Though it doesn’t look right it works.

This is what I’ve had to do:


Aesthetically not ideal on one monoblock either

You souldn’t have to do it that way. The binding posts are designed to lock the banana connector when screwed in. You should be able to loosen the binding post, then insert your banana connector in the end as usual, then tighten the binding post a little to tighten the connection. If that doesn’t work then perhaps your banana ends are slightly larger than normal. I was able to insert a z-banana into my BHK-250 binding posts. It was a snug fit, but it went in.

Thanks, I agree it shouldn’t have to be this way but the plugs will not fit. One of them started to bend in an ugly way so I gave up.

On a brighter note, a few hours in now and the amps are starting to open up nicely.

Out of sheer curiosity there isn’t a cap in the banana plug hole? My ATC speakers had these little caps in the each binding post hole (tri wire) so you had to completely take of the nut (lug) remove the plastic cap and then screw in back on and the insert the banana. Pain in the …

Hi Veneet, sorry I wish there was, but no.

Dang, I was hoping that was it for your sake, well enjoy anyway, it’ll still sound great!

I too have 20.7s. Very interested in your comparison of the amps.

Still very early in the break in process, but there is definitely not a lack of power! Instrument decay is more pronounced, more sense of air and space and texture. Imaging is more 3D. Most interesting is the fact that I don’t have to put the volume as high to get bass. It seems more linear at lower volume. I always thought that the speakers were the culprit. I had to have the volume higher to get satisfying bass.
They run warm like the Magtechs did.

Wow. That seems promising given you just cracked them open and your temp termination issue. I have a sunfire signature amp and have wondered if these monos would be a game changer in my system.

Here is how I connect the BHK250 speaker cables - Nordost main speaker cables fit snugly. REL Baseline Blue, and the REL network w/ PSA GND lug. Hope this helps…

I’m familiar with Nordost, they have a similar type of banana plug with compression fit. Mine however would not go in. I have spades on order to rectify the situation.
Thanks though for trying to help out👍🏼

The Sunfire is a great amp! Bob Carver knows what he is doing.
I feel that Bascom King really put his heart into the amp and preamp. They are truly world class.

OK, cool… my next step up is a pair of BHK300s… I’m jealous… and love Maggies… and it’s great you are happy from the very beginning… they will only get better. I went the “special” tubes for my BHK250 a month ago with SS-9 dampeners. That was a step up… I remember you chomping at the bit for the pair coming… and happy… that is so cool.