Connectiong a BFA plug to a BHK 250

Hello everyone. I’m a very recent owner of the PS Audio BHK 250 stereo amp and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the proper way to connect speaker cables with BFA banana plugs to the back of the BHK 250 amp? Yes, I do see the hole in the middle and this binding post does accept regular Banana plugs, but for some reason the binding post on the back of the amp will not allow a BFA plug to go in the hole. I have never seen this kind of a problem before and was wondering if anyone ran into the same thing as me. The speaker I was using was Transparent Audio, so I know the BFA plug is of sufficient quality. If anyone figured out a proper way to use BFA please let me know. I really do not want to send the speaker cables back to Transparent to change the connectors because I am a fan of BFA plugs. Thank you.

Oldschool, the BHK 250 has locking binding posts which means you have to loosen them, as if you were going to install spades, insert the your banana plugs and then tighten them back down. The good news is you get a better connection for your efforts!

It took me a couple minutes to figure that one out when I got my beta BHK 250. Not sure it’s mentioned in the manual (it wasn’t when I got mine).

Thanks norton. Just like stevem2 it took me a couple of minutes to figure it out and my BFA plugs are now in the amp

standing up and hanging down, LOL. It’s just I have never seen a speaker binding post ( as nice as PS Audio’s is )

be able to take a regular banana plug straight in but not a BFA. No matter how straight and level I kept the BFA plug

it just would not go in, and in another minute I loosen the binding post and saw the hole in the stem of the post and

viola that is where my plug went in, It works, but it is very different, never seen anything like nor do I understand why a regular

plug will go in but a BFA won’t, All in all it’s a fantastic sounding stereo amp. I’m glad I bought it. All the best to everyone.

You’re welcome! Glad to hear you like your BHK 250!

I feel your confusion as I had the same experience you guys did with my WBT banana plugs. The WBTs are locking bananas so the locking binding posts in my setup are totally redundant but I digress.

@oldschool I had the exact problem on my VHK 300s with a pair of Synergistic Research speaker cables. The BFAs were a tight fit into my Harbeth m30.1 binding posts but they would not go into the BHKs at all. For a while I inserted them into the center post opening, but that is good neither for the cables or the binding posts.

Ethan at The Cable Company from where I purchased the cables is also a PS Audio dealer. He told me the BHK posts are too small for BFAs. He suggested.reterminating the cable amp ends to spades. Cost me $150 and works perfectly now. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info (cantorgale) but I do not wish to re-terminate my Transparent Audio speaker cables to spades as BFA’s are still a better connector in my opinion. I will use my speaker cables to this as I described in my previous statement, but thanks anyway. By the way I really don’t like the speaker binding post on those BHK amps at all as their to big and bulky.