BHK 300 Speaker Wiring Question

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well and not going too mad with this lockdown. In Melbourne we are still in Stage 4, no travel beyond 5k’s, massive restriction etc. So what better time to listen to music!

My question is about speaker cable connections. I have purchased a set of speakers cables that has 4 connections at both ends.

Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

I am assuming that 2 connections (ie what the cable maker has described as a HF connection) run from 1 set of binding post’s on the Amp to the top set of binding posts on the speaker, and the other 2 connections (ie what the cable maker has described as a LF connection) run from the other set of binding posts on the Amp to the bottom set of binding posts on the speaker?

Not having owned a pair of mono blocks with 4 binding posts available, I am not %100 I understand it completely.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Cheers Mark

You’re correct. The BHK’s have 4 posts enabling your described schemata.

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From what I understand from your post you are looking to
connect the hf part of your speaker to the top amplifier
binding post and the bottom amp binding post your
lf of your speakers…

This is known as bi-wire…to make this effective remove
the jumper strap located at the lf and hf doing so separates
the crossover sections of lf and hf…

With my previous pair of speakers doing so lead to a very
nice improvement in the soundstage scope and detail.

My .02 is you will have an improvement in your sound…

Happy trails

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I assumed that the jumpers were not present.

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You assumed correctly WD, all good.

Thanks everyone, sounds like I have it right!

Cheers Mark