BHK Amp & Speaker Cable Testing

Avid Family forum reader here and thanks to everyone whos kept me busy with excellent discussions.
Currently, I have a BHK250 connected to a single Rel sub & using Audioquest Type 4 Speaker cable. Can I add my newly purchased Robin Hood cables to the unused binding posts for accurate A/B cable testing or is it necessary to only use the sub connected binding posts? Thanks

Those terminals are connected in parallel and connecting cables to both will affect the sound of both. Cables have resitance, capacitance and inductance which have an effect when connected in parallel too.

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Thank you Sixpack1. I will have to go with the one cable type at a time approach. Is it safe to say that running in parallel means I do not need the sub and speaker cable to share the same post? I wouldn’t mind using the unused posts.

I also use a BHK250 in my system. My B&W Matrix 800 have four sets of terminals on each speaker. One for the tweeter, one for the midrange drivers and one to each woofer. I have two cables from the woofers on one set of the amp outputs and the two cables from the other drivers on the other. Quad wired arrangement.

Sterephile review seems favorable of your 800’s. Especially with the quad wiring. I bet they really sing. Seems like you may be a candidate for some BHK 300’s or 600’s. Right now I’m using the little Focal 906’s so no bi-wiring even, but they’re working with the sub quite well. Hoping to get a little some happiness out of the Robin Hoods and then save some bucks for some bigger sound in the near future. Thanks again.

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Interested to know your opinion of the robin hood’s after you a/b. I as well just purchased a used pair of robin hood bi-wire Zero / Bass. I will withhold my opinion until you have finished testing so as not to color you opinion one way or the other.