BHK 300 - static from right speaker

They are just over 1.5 years old. Used daily for at least an hour. More on weekends

Thanks watchdog507!

The issue appeared after about 5 months.

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Uggh. The things engineering has to think thru. Not comparing the two - but I remember the GM key issue where if people had bulky key rings and the weight was enough to shut the car off. You think of all the parts that go into a product and everything you have to catch - there is always something.


Aren’t your pair just a couple of months old?

Hi Jack,

They just reached 5 months old. So far all is well.

It looks like the affected units were built a while back. Mine is three years old next month and has been flawless with no noise at all and still on the first pair of Tungsram tubes.

Thanks Jack…that’s comforting to know. Listening right now and they do sound amazing.

I think that drawing a line between intermittent static discharge noise and my amp quietly corroding from the bottom up is a little premature. My production numbers are accessible to PSA from my warranty registration on their site. The intermittent nature of the problem is driving me to drink. French Grand Cru Burgundy tonight. It has a magical dampening effect on my Audiophilic frustrations.

Out of curiosity, what make/model speakers are you using? If a driver wire connection is compromised, it could create the very sound you are experiencing and it could be intermittent.

They are KEF 201/2. The KEF Reference 1’s of their day. The intermittent nature of the noise is frustrating. I’ve verified cable integrity

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Out of curiosity, swap the left and right speakers only, and see if the static noise remains on the right. That will help rule out your speakers.

Good idea I’ll do it when the static returns. Today is the first day of nominal noise in a few weeks. The intermittent nature is frustrating.

If the noise stays on the right with the speaker swap, the best way to isolate the BHK300 amp as the cause is to then swap the amps only, not anything else (IC’s, speaker cables, or power cables…just the amps!). I know it is a pain, but that would be a definitive troubleshooting step that would 100% isolate the right BHK300 mono as the cause.

People, please stick to the topic of this particularly issue; the sound of static randomly coming from the right channel speaker.

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Not using BHKs. I had this sort of ‘static noise’ problem once, coincidentally on the right hand speaker, and it turned out to be a poor speaker cable connection. But you said you had checked all your cables.

I pulled and reseated all of the cables. I’m doing double runs, so I swapped around positions on the amp too.

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As of now, James has done what he can to sort this out and PS Audio is getting involved in addressing the amplifier problem. Thanks to all for their advice and insight.

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Dang. Hope things go swimmingly. :slight_smile: