Occasional short pop/cracking static from one channel

So I now have this sound coming from the same BHK 300 monoblock I had to send back a couple months ago for a new input board. With no discernible pattern, the right speaker will emit what can only be described as a pop/crack/static sound that will last from a split second to up to 5 or so seconds. It seems to be coming from the amp, as unplugging the XLR cable from the BHK Pre when it is happening does nothing. I have also switched tubes between amps and get the same noise in the same right channel amp.

Any ideas? Second issue with same BHK 300. Ugghh.

Submitted support ticket.

I guess I just got a lemon, seeing as this same amp just had its input board replaced by PS Audio 2 months ago.

I have tried everything. Swapping cables, tubes, power outlets etc…no change. Static/pop still there. I even plugged the amp in and connected ONLY the speaker cables to the amp. Same sound coming from just the one amp and speaker, nothing else powered on.

Man…I sure hope this issue is the last I will experience with PSA for a while. I love this gear, but so far the reliability is annoying at best.

Frustrating, certainly.

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Indeed. Hopefully support will reach out to help handle this in a timely manner. I am not happy that I will have to spend yet another 2 weeks without my main music rig, which I listen to daily, after just getting the same amp back from the previous issue just over a month ago.

Shoot me an email if you don’t here back from anyone soon. I’ll be sure to get the ball rolling. jamesh@psaudio.com

Thanks James…will do!

The waiting continues. Gotta love a $7500 paper weight that weighs 83 pounds.

So frustrating.

Amp is back and purring along as it was designed to. The BHK monoblocks/pre are insanely good sounding pieces of equipment, with a synergy that really impresses. Having said that, I am fairly sure I will officially lose it if the same amp fails again.

Thanks to all in support for making everything right again. :+1:


Sure is pretty!!!

Also have BHK300’s with Focal (Sopra No. 2 loudspeakers). Can’ tell if yours are Sopra 2 or 3. Great match. Hope you’re up & running soon.

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Thanks…back up and running!

The No. 2’s do look a bit tall in that pic. As you well know, the BHK/Sopra combo is just magic.

Nice taste. :wink:


Did you upgrade BHK stock power cables? To which ones if so & did you hear a meaningful difference? Thanks.


Congrats on the returned amp. In fairness my returned BHK300 has been flawless since repaired. My guess as I stated elsewhere, there was a bad batch of input boards that were nevertheless used. Hopefully they are in the garbage.

Twice, though? Same amp? Under a year old?

Believe me…fingers crossed!


Welp…chalk it up as a dead soldier. The folks in support were cool enough to make things right and replace the bad BHK 300.

One thing that has my OCD a bit on edge is the new “signage” on the front of my new BHK. It is different than my original. Is this new? Anyone else’s BHK’s have this new wording on the front?


That looks like a big “Oopsie!” to me.

If it is indeed an oopsie, that would be really bad.

I think Dirk mentioned that too about his amps too.

Should make resale interesting…

Did Dirk have both amps replaced, or just one? I only hope that in changing the nomenclature of the amp, they keep some replaceable parts with the original name in stock for support issues like this.

I am so tired of dealing with this amp. It has gone on now for 6 months. I finally get it replaced after numerous repair attempts, and it has a non-matching name on the front panel. Awesome.