BHK 300 - static from right speaker

I have a pair of BHK 300’s fed by DSD, PWT, Roon Via Matrix X SPDIF 2, Through a BHK Pre.

I have had an annoying issue with the sound of static randomly coming from the right channel speaker. I have bypassed the Pre and used the DSD, no change. I have swapped three sets of tubes. No Change. I have moved cables. no change. It’s like there is a problem at the amp as it is the common factor.

Has a BHK amp owner had issues with a random static sound ? If so what was the resolution?

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to your DM yet. I wanted to ask if you hear the static with no source plugged in at all? Only speakers.

Yes. I had an issue with random loud noises coming from one BHK. It got worse over time. Turned out to be a fault with the input board which needed to be replaced.

Hi James

Right now the static gods aren’t cooperating.

I’ll disconnect input when it comes back



Thanks Bob, keep us posted. Our team here should be in touch via email as well.

Hi James

I’m only getting the odd noise today.

When I pulled the XLR input there is a fair amount of background noise easily audible a foot away the other amp with the same test has some noise but considerably less. When the input is returned the noise disappears so the input clears it up.

I’m stumped here.

I’ll keep you updated as the plays out.

All the best


@watchdog507 just curious how long have you had the BHK 300’s?

@drarifakhtar same as well how long before you experienced the issue with your BHK 300’s?

Below is a comment from another forum:

“They are dealing with a new storm around acid and corrosion on the BHK300’s”

I have my BHK 300’s for 5 months and wondering if I’ll experience the same.


Please see, here.

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Please do. So my understanding is that with the XLR disconnected, the static goes away?


It appears it is the opposite. Noise only with input disconnected.

No you hear a different noise with the XLR disconnected it’s not the static discharge sound that’s otherwise happening. It’s a background noise that’s louder on my right amp than the left amp.

They are just over 1.5 years old. Used daily for at least an hour. More on weekends

Thanks watchdog507!

The issue appeared after about 5 months.

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Uggh. The things engineering has to think thru. Not comparing the two - but I remember the GM key issue where if people had bulky key rings and the weight was enough to shut the car off. You think of all the parts that go into a product and everything you have to catch - there is always something.


Aren’t your pair just a couple of months old?

Hi Jack,

They just reached 5 months old. So far all is well.

It looks like the affected units were built a while back. Mine is three years old next month and has been flawless with no noise at all and still on the first pair of Tungsram tubes.

Thanks Jack…that’s comforting to know. Listening right now and they do sound amazing.

I think that drawing a line between intermittent static discharge noise and my amp quietly corroding from the bottom up is a little premature. My production numbers are accessible to PSA from my warranty registration on their site. The intermittent nature of the problem is driving me to drink. French Grand Cru Burgundy tonight. It has a magical dampening effect on my Audiophilic frustrations.