BHK Issue

I just set up my BHK 300s, and they seemed to work properly at first. Then all of a sudden sound cut out on one of them. The front panel light on the front is steady blue. The tube heaters appear to be on, the LED in the tube bay is on (red). However no sound is coming out. At one point the sound came back for a few brief moments and then cut back out.

The setup was Bridge II > Direct Stream DAC > BHK 300 > KEF Blade II for cabling I use Straight Wire Expressivo Balanced, and Expressivo Grande Speaker Wire

I swapped out the BHK 300s and both channels worked fine.

Any insight would be helpful as I have not seen any faults codes or anything. May have heard some relay clicks, but not really sure.

If you swapped the amps and your no sound issue changed to the opposite channel? Based on your findings you already listed including the front switch is solid blue and the tube heater LED is growing red on the amp with no sound, I would swap the tubes between your known good amp and the amp with no sound. If your problem transfers, the tubes are the problem in the no sound amp.

“Swapped out both BHK’s and both channels worked fine”…

I take it from your explanation both the BHK 300’s worked when attached to one set of interconnects and speaker cables - but not the other set ? Steady blue light means the amp is powered up… The fact that sound reappeared, albeit brief, makes me think you might have a bad connection with the balanced interconnect and / or the speaker cable on one channel… That’s my take on it: unless I have misunderstood the swapping out of the BHK 300’s part…?

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Swapped out, meant I disconnected them and used a different set of mono blocks in it’s place. So I was meaning that the issue was definitely one of the BHKs.

My speaker cables are “locking” type.

Got you… In that case just like Norton said … I, too, use BHK 300’s and I had a faulty tube but I didn’t lose the channel I just experienced distortion… Worth checking to make sure the tubes are well seated…

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So I swapped tubes and the problem did not follow. Both amps started playing for about 2 minutes, and then the same amp that has had the problem cut out. Did not return. Does appear that completely powering amp off and unplugging from wall, then plugging back in and powering back gets a couple minutes of usage.

Great diagnosis steps on your part Very odd happening with your BHK especially since the blue logo is not flashing indicating a fault with the no sound amp. I would contact PS Audio on Monday further assist at this point.

Check the fuse in the amp that is powering up and then shutting down as it may be getting ready to go completely. You can go as far as swapping the two fuses between amps. Not likely to be the culprit but easy enough to find out and easy to fix.