Wishes - Upcoming BHK Preamp

Since we have a thread for the DAC I figured I’d start one for the next revision of the BHK Preamp.

My wish is for a second set of outputs that have their own volume controls so that we can bi-amp speakers easily, like the Pass XP-32.

Anyone else want this, or other things?


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I’d take a good, old fashioned TT grounding post on the back panel. I hate having to hijack a chassis screw (the chassis screws are secured with nuts inside the box I can’t get to to tighten). Talk about a minor beef with one of the best components of any type I’ve ever owned!

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I’m not a tube guy but how about making the tubes accessible without needing to remove any screws or the top cover?


I second the volume control for the RCA outs.

I think it would be great to have a “Sr.” version for a higher price with

  • nicer volume control feeling (see Yamaha c-5000 as a reference in the 10k price range)
  • knob for the source selection
  • dual mono power supply, maybe in separate box
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My request would be dual XLR outs.

And I guess, the headphone amp was (in the world of dedicated hp amps) ‘fine’ but not amazing – not good enough if you’re a big headphone person. I say make it a statement-level hp amp, or leave it out. The main, glaring critique was the annoying buzz that was audible (through Focal Utopias and others) whenever the preamp volume display was not turned off. This pretty much ruined the decent hp amp for me.


My only ask would be for the 2nd set of XLR outputs, and of course, no sonic degradation when both sets are in use.

I’ve never used the headphone amp, and probably never will, so I’d be fine with leaving that off…

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Dual outputs with a set of XLR and RCA each- ie. 2 sets of XLR/RCA outputs (good for subwoofers that can only accept RCA for low level inputs).

Also that each set of outputs are INDEPENDENT/ISOLATED so one does not mess with the impedance of the other.

Let’s go back to old school:

Tape in, out for recording Reel to Reel


…and for dozens of other uses. A comment I made early on and lack off immediately took it off my list.