Wishes - Upcoming BHK Preamp

Since we have a thread for the DAC I figured I’d start one for the next revision of the BHK Preamp.

My wish is for a second set of outputs that have their own volume controls so that we can bi-amp speakers easily, like the Pass XP-32.

Anyone else want this, or other things?


I’d take a good, old fashioned TT grounding post on the back panel. I hate having to hijack a chassis screw (the chassis screws are secured with nuts inside the box I can’t get to to tighten). Talk about a minor beef with one of the best components of any type I’ve ever owned!

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I’m not a tube guy but how about making the tubes accessible without needing to remove any screws or the top cover?


I second the volume control for the RCA outs.

I think it would be great to have a “Sr.” version for a higher price with

  • nicer volume control feeling (see Yamaha c-5000 as a reference in the 10k price range)
  • knob for the source selection
  • dual mono power supply, maybe in separate box
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