Has anyone upgraded from Parasound JC 1's to BHK 300's?

Would like some feedback if anyone has made this transition or upgrade. I’ve made some significant changes to my rig recently by adding a BHK Preamp and DS Sr. as I thought they were the weakest links in my setup. Now I feel that I’m splitting hairs trying to extract more by potentially swapping out the JC 1 amps for BHK 300’s to drive my SF Olympica III’s. Any input would be appreciated.

The Parasounds are good amps. Really good, but the synergy you’ll get with a pair of BHK 300s will be a revelation. I’ve made the comparison. It’s worth the change IMHO.

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I’ve heard the Parasound JC1’s also, when my friend brought a pair over to his place to try because the higher power rating might be beneficial to his system. It sounded kind of crude, not very good with inner detail and micro dynamics. Not very impressive. I have not heard the BHK 300’s, but I did try the BHK 250’s in my house and I was very impressed. Excellent musicality. The 300’s should even be better.

One of the nice things about getting a pair of BHK300’s is that your done thinking about amps for a very long time, or depending on one’s age, this will be the last amp purchase until one has to downsize for life reasons.

You can play with vintage tubes, but surely the weak link in the system won’t be the amps.

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Thanks for the replies so far. Another reason to leave the JC 1’s is to bypass the HT bypass with the BHK Pre. I run a 2.2 system for both HT and Stereo. I can plug in RCA’s from the AVR and XLR from the BHK Pre into the 300. Then I won’t have to burn tube hours on the Preamp which bothers me. The JC 1’s have RCA and XLR inputs but you have to move a rocker in the back to switch between sources.