BHK 300's : The Sound of Music : Why they matter


Just spent a joyous hour and a quarter transfixed by this unsurpassed Channel Classics recording (SACD) of this lovingly detailed & conducted, splendidly played performance of Mahler’s least recorded symphony; his journey from night to day.

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Mahler’s darkest symphony, a very different hour an a quarter listening. What’s not different is Jared Sachs first class recording (SACD) of the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Ivan Fischer. No label produces as consistently realistic reproduction of a symphony orchestra in a large acoustic space. Each individual instrument, each section, fundamentals & harmonics ring true. The good news is that this performance is worthy of that effort.

Dynamics are enormous and will challenge many fine audio playback systems. That the BHK 300’s don’t break a sweat in the most demanding pages (and there are many along this journey into darkness) including the final, thunderous “hammer-blow”, speaks volumes of just how good they are.


I agree. I gravitate to the Budapest recordings as well. Very nice.

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Just received this earlier in the week. A performance for the ages and this is far and away the best sounding release of it I have or ever expect to hear.

I’ve seen the Vienna Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall 3 times & this comes closest to the sound of those glorious strings & small bore Wiener Horns I’ve ever heard on a recording.

Expensive, but wait for 15% off sales at, or & they’re $50.98. Buy a couple & shipping is free.

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If you want another great recording. The Budapest - Stravinsky Rite of Spring /Firebird Suite is a great recording. I have it in dsd. The tympani are tremendous. Music is to taste. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have that & most of their other recordings, including a splendid Nonesuch release of the 5 Beethoven piano Concerto‘s with Richard Goode. I’ve seen Richard many times and he is supreme in Beethoven.

Saw the Budapest Festival Orchestra twice at Lincoln Center, including Beethoven’s 6th & 9th Symphonies on one program! Their 6th on Channel Classics is first class.