BHK Amplifiers - Standby Power consumption


Can anybody can tell me what the standby consumption of the BHK amps are?
From the manual it looks that maybe ‘Ready?’ state is the same as ‘Standby’?
Other amps that are in partial sleep/standby mode (ie: not fully powered) seem to be less.
At 75W - it seems excessive if it is to be this state all the time its sitting idle not being used ~ 18hrs a day.

From the manual …
Power Consumption Ready 75W
Idle 175W
Rated power 8Ω 850W
Rated power 4Ω 1600W


Yes, 75 watts in standby.


Just did a quick calc… my system costs >AUD1000.00/pa just in standby mode(if on 24/7)… :thinking::astonished:


It all adds up! I did the calc myself just on the (2) BHK 300 Monos equates to just over $300/year for 20hrs/day in Standby mode.
In the scheme of things - inconsequential amounts - but I did just check the Macintosh MC-611 - “Standby: less than 0.5 watt”.


Yes, 75 watts is about right for the standby power to keep the amp warm. It’s about the same as a couple of night lights and perhaps higher than some. You can always shut off the rear switch but then it takes a while to get up to speed once you switch it on.


Thanks Paul.
Would there be any issues with switching it off at the power point overnight (leaving the amp’s back switch in the ‘on’ position) and later turn the power point switch back on?


This is fine. But keep in mind it takes some time for the amp to warm up and sound its best from a cold start.


There’s really no difference between the main power switch and an external power switch, so no, feel free.


I have a friend who turns his system off via the power button on his P20 after every listening session. He turns it on, listens for an hour or two and turns it off. He does this for environmental reasons. The problem in my opinion, but not in his, is that he never gives his system time to warm up sufficiently to really let it bloom. In fact, he and I have the same preamp and the manufacturer states that it needs fully 24 hours to warm up before critical listening and it’s absolutely true.
I only turn things off when I’ll be away. Normally, I leave everything on except the amp which is set to standby.
Everything else, I just dim the displays from the remotes.


My rule of thumb: solid state electronics stays on all the time; tube electronics gets turned off at the end of the evening and turn on before making my coffee in the morning, allowing at least an hour before I ever get serious about listening.


Thanks Paul - yep - I’m more comfortable with a complete power off overnight. Any dedicated ‘sit down’ music listening is done after a couple of hours of being on anyway.


I think that will be much the same for me … except it will be off at night and back on when I get back from work.


Agree but can’t wait an hour.