Opinion on B&W 802, Focal Sopra3, or Wilson Yvette speakers

Hey everyone. I’m really curious as to everyone’s opinion regarding the 3 speakers mentioned in the title. Primarily the Wilson speakers. I’m not familar with them, but they seem to be held in very high regard.

Love to just get some opinions going…


As you stated all three are good speakers. I’ve heard all three and owned the 802s (older ones, the newer ones are better IMO) at one time. Which would sound best would depend upon the room and associated electronics.

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True… I just know that the high end manufactures have a ‘house sound’ within their line of speakers. I’m trying to wrap my head around what that is for each.

According to a dealer near me, the B&W’s need lots of power. They say that Mark Levinson monoblocks are needed for the B&W to drive them properly. If powered properly and set up properly, they have an appealing, smooth, clean, refined, relaxed sound. I’ve also heard them with other well-known brand amps and not set up properly and they didn’t sound good. I would add Joseph Audio speakers and PS Audio speakers on your list to audition (I have the FR20 and just love 'em). I know others on the forum have experience with both Focal and Wilson.