BHK Pre - Cross Coupled balanced output?

Question,… Does the BHK Pre utilize cross-coupled balanced outputs? I ask because I want to make a pair of xlr>rca cables to evaluate a sub I have on hand before possibly purchasing a transformer based converter for xlr>rca,…

Rane (pro audio manuf.) has a nice white paper on these types of situations and the proper way to make the conversion (though admittedly not the best option) based on the type of the balanced output,… ie, for a cross coupled / transformer based output you would short pin 3 (neg) to pin 1 (ground) and they together form the ‘groung’ return of the RCA,… conversely, if the output is neither CC’d or Tranx based, then you float (not connect) Pin 3, and just run Pin 1 (ground) to the RCA ground,…

Thanks for the help!

Use the last option. The BHK pre has a ‘true’ balanced output but because it is not transformer coupled, it does not like being shorted to ground.

Thanks Paul,… The Pre sounds great,… very few hours on it yet but sounds good! I know that these units have a noticeable click when running through the volume control, but just how loud should that be,… I’m getting a click with each step and it is loud enough that with music playing at a normal level they can still be heard,… I am running the DS Sr. into the pre balanced but coming out single-ended to my amp,… Speakers are very efficient at ~98db though,… perhaps what I am hearing is normal?

That is normal for BHK. Glad you’re enjoying it!