Clarification on BHK-Pre outputs

@BHK @Paul
I had read on another topic that a BHK owner thought that the 2 outputs (XLR/RCA) on the BHK-Pre were tied together such that if both (all 4) were being utilized at the same time, then the XLR’s would ultimately not be truly be balanced any more. I was under the impression (from reading somewhere else) that both sets were ‘buffered’ from each other and operated completely on their own and would not influence the other set if all were used at the same time. Thus you could still utilize both sets an they would still preform to their respected topology (XLR = true balanced / RCA = single ended)

Just looking for clarification after reading that post… Thanks

I am afraid that the RCA/XLR outputs are conventionally wired in that the RCA hot is connected to XLR pin 2 and RCA ground is connected to pin one. Since the output

impedance of the two output phases is reasonably low, around 100 Ohms, that the consequence of some normal 10K or above loading on the RCA outputs would slightly unbalanced the XLR outputs. Personally, I don’t think that is any great big deal in the cosmic scheme of things!


Thanks for the clarification @BHK! Good to know. I’m sure the consequence is minimal if at all, especially if terminating into a high Z load.

Appreciate the response!