BHK Pre with sub in HT bypass mode issue

I am trying to get my Rythmik sub to work with both 2 channel and HT. My Old Parasound did this as it had a dedicated sub out for both analog 2 and bypassed it with Sub. So one output to sub. Very slick. Of course the BHK does not have that. But it has 2 sets of outputs. I use the XLR for the amp, and HT bypass works great. But then I take the RCA’s to sub and that would work except for the fact that I have the Processor Sub output to deal with. I want to use RCAs when 2 channel and XLR in LFE for movies. the sub has the two inputs, but merges them and can cause cancelation during movies. I am wondering if there is a setting or way to shut off RCA outputs when in bypass mode. I dont think so but wanted to check. Also what have others done?

I can get this switch from amazon and have the RCA go to the primary (on unitl B turns on) and put the AVR in the B. So when AVR is on, the RCAs are off…but the XLR are still sent to the amp. Not sure I like having this in the subwoofer path, but its only for the low frequencies. Lets me tune for 2 setups this way as well. Roon DSP for 2 channel and the AVR has Arc Genesis.

Just wondering what others have done if anything.

Your processor should have the capability to send the LFE information to the left and right, main, speakers. You could leave your subwoofer hooked up the way it is and still get the LFE signal to the subwoofer in HT mode.

That is a pretty simple and effective idea. One drawback is I would have LFE and L & R coming from fronts as well as LFE from sub. Is that bad? Not sure. I have Sopra 2 so they probably could handle it. Something like Dune would certainly push them and maybe damage. Its certainly and option I may try. Thank you.

Most consumers that set up their subs for music use the natural roll off of their speakers and have the sub blend in to help where the speakers cannot. You will just have to try it out. When it comes to subs and bass response their are too many variables to try and theorize what might happen in this short form forum.

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You are correct, and that is exactly what I do for music/2ch. I am not worried about that. it integrates very well as I just turn off the AVR and only 1 signal goes to the sub, that of the BHK. But I have to have the Pre on when watching a movie so the sub gets both signals at that point. But you solution of turning off sub for movies may work, I would have to experiment as the sub would handle what it gets well, but the fronts might not like it. Bass heavy movies may hurt them.

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I think I may go with the JL Audio CR-1. This is just what I need. Expensive but I cannot seem to find anything else like it. I swear years ago many existed, but with the onset of Digital / HDMI / USB not much call for this function. Since the BHK does not account for xover output, it has to be done externally.

I went with JL Audio CR-1 for the same reason. To integrate 2 channel and home theater. What I got was so much more! Yes with the touch of one button you can switch between 2 channel and H/T but the way it seamlessly integrates your subs and main speakers it’s well worth the asking price IMO and even if I wasn’t using it for H/T integration it is one of the best audio purchases I’ve ever made! It’s going to make your system sound great once set up properly!

Thanks for letting me know. I was initially looking for just HT integration but after reading all the reviews I am really thinking about this unit. Does exactly what I want x 2. Less DSP/Room correction needed with this guy in the mix.