BHK Preamp RCA out to subs and the XLR outs to amp


I just attempted to use the RCA L & R out from a BHK Pre for LFE inputs into pair of GoldenEar Triton One.R speakers. The XLR output goes to the Amp.

With this configuration I am getting a loud hum from the speakers and no audio. Powering down and removing the cables from the Pre restores audio.

I have read hear on the forum of others successfully using a similar setup.


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I did this for a year with SVS Subs successfully.

I have successfully used Dynaudio sub in the same manner, but used sub-in rather than LEF-in. In this case, the sub uses its internal crossover / filters. LEF is intended for amps that have a dedicated LEF output which sends out the low frequencies only.

However, in your case, given the Triton mid and high sections are being fed through the power amp I suspect you have created a short circuit / ground loop of some sort which causes the problem.

Edit: I have to add, you have excellent speakers, congratulations! I hope you sort this one out.

I forgot to mention that I added the sub cable yesterday after 4 months of listening without using the RCA out to LFE in. Prior I was letting the One.R’s take care of the subs. I wanted to make the change to hear if there was a difference.

I will play with it more in the morning.

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That’s how I’m using my BHK… XLR to Pass XA60.5 and RCA to a pair of PSA 1500’s (about to add MiniDSP to equalize the subs)

What happens if you only plug the RCA to the Tritons? Still hum or do you get woofer movement? I too run a config like this and have no issue at all.