Subwoofer cable recommendation for .1/LFE

Hi -

I’d like to hook up my AV pre-pro to my REL sub’s .1/LFE channel.

The REL accepts both XLR and RCA but unfortunately, my pre-pro is RCA only.

Can anyone recommend a good RCA sub cable?


I’ve always used BJC for those.

Thanks, I was thinking the same

Ditto- solid cable for LFE


Are you using a processor with separate amps?
If yes then you are supposed to connect an output from the amps to the high level input on the Rel.

I am and you are correct. However, for HT I also need to connect the .1/LFE channel from the HT pre-pro to the .1/LFE input on the sub.

You can’t go wrong with Blue Jean Cables.


Thanks everyone.