BHK Preamp and BHK 300 monoblocks

Ok, I’m speechless. 2 years ago Paul on on of his Youtube videos told me I had a system that was leaning towards bright and sterile. I first decided to replace my preamp with the BHK preamp. The difference was immediate, but amazing after about 100 hours.

I recently decided to demo the BHK 300 against my Classe Cam 200’s. I’m not sure how to describe it… as my wife said (who could care less about audio) that ‘it sounds like your right there’, ‘so much fuller sounding’ that the Classe Cam 200’s which I thought were very good amps. The sound is more 3 dimensional, bass deeper, and soundstage wider…all at moderate listening levels (i always thought you needed powerful amps to play loud).

now my issue is my cd player, Mark Levinson 5101, which PCM filter would you suggest i use?

slow minimum phase
fast minimum phase
slow linear phase
fast linear phase
hybrid fast minimum


I don’t know your cd player. But as rule of thumb:
-linear phase tends to be better across all frequencies, and, as the name implies, preserves phase response
-minimum phase sometimes has a bit more bite, and better “feeling” on transients (you might prefer it when listening to rock)
-fast features attenuation very near nyquist (half the sample rate), which in theory is good. But sharp filters sometimes introduce artifacts (they are very hard to design)
-slow filters attenuate less near nyquist. They could let some aliasing pass to the audio band, if they are very slow.

Since you are playing cds, I would stick to linear fast for overall music and minimum fast for rock and amplified music.

But experimentation and listening are key here.

And congrats on your new set of amps!


Love the AMPS !!!

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They are indeed fabulous. The tube stage on the input section makes all the difference

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Not meaning to be a wise ass, but which filter gives you best sound?

I have come across audiophiles which will prefer a filter option that gives them best sound for a given recording. They don’t necessarily use set it and forget it. They’re into choosing their filters. I found this an interesting perspective.

-Cheers! :beers:

I’ve got the BHK Pre + BHK300s (& P20, etc). Lovely! Better still after adding BACCH4Mac. Wow.

That too many choices for my OCD mind.

I am experiencing the same issue. Certain recordings sound better with one filter, but not the next recording. I was really hoping to just select one filter and leave it for all recordings.