BHK Monoblock 300 compared to Classes CAM 200 Monoblocks

Hi all -

Recently purchased a BHK preamp for my B&W 802D (1st gen) driven my a pair of Classe CAM 200 monoblock amplifiers.

Thinking of upgrading my monoblocks to the BHK monoblock 300’s.

Will I hear much of a difference between these two amplifiers?

What are your thoughts on this upgrade?

It seems as if you like the BHK Pre. I am guessing that female vocals sound smoother and more open and alive, and that jazz & classical music sounds vibrant and real also. My hunch is that you will have continued improvement in those areas with the BHK 300’s, but I have to admit I have not heard PS Audio electronics with B&W speakers. And whether the BHK’s would sound better will also depend on what types of improvement you’re looking for and what type of sound you like.

I’m actually curious of the difference I’d experience. When I switched from my Bryston preamp to the BHK preamp, I found the brightness, edginess gone and listening fatigue gone as well.

I’m wondering if the best combination is to match the preamp with the amps from the same company.

Focus on if there are issues to the sound that need fixing, or whether everything is perfect as it is right now. But I am glad the brightness and fatigue are gone. I had a feeling the BHK pre (or the BHK 300) would take away that brightness/fatigue.
If there is magic in your system and you are looking for more of that magic, the 300’s might be the answer. On the other hand, many others are happy with tubes in the preamp combined with solid state power amps. I am one that NEEDS tubes in both (BHK pre & M1200’s), but admit that a solid state Levinson pre also works well with the M1200’s.

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well my cam-200’s are almost 25 years old. i have concerns that the caps might not be performing as they once did.

i was overwhelmingly impressed with the BHK preamp and am wondering if a combo of all BHK products would really make my 802D’s sound musical