BHK Preamp HT BYPass & Tubes

I’m planning to buy BHK Preamp to be used in both 2-Channel and HT system

I need this question answered before I make purcahse
When one of the input is set to HT ByPass mode are the Tubes ON and they are shutdown?

Welcome @TheNorthMan. I use my BHK Preamp for ht/and 2 channel. You can assign the HT pass thru to any input on the preamp. The tubes are on anytime the power is on.

@paul172 thanks for the response. My concern is if I use expensive NOS tubes it would burn the tubes even though I don’t need it in HT by pass mode.
I currently use Schiit Freya+ that turn offs the tube when I use passive or diff. buffer stage. That’s really a feature I’m looking for.

Small signal tubes can go 10,000 hours. Besides, HT sounds great with a little tube love.


Just to add-on to the replies above–10,000 hrs is a lot of time.

I run my BHK Pre in a dual 2 channel/HT setup. I rolled in some pretty spendy NOS tubes right before the pandemic hit. Between my 2 channel listening and my wife’s chosen method of escapism during that period (watching “K Dramas”), the rig got a lot of use (probably averaged around 8ish hours a day for a year or so). When I checked the tube timer around a year later, I think we had clocked around 2800 hours on the tubes. It’s 2.5 years later, and even after running the rig quite a bit breaking in a couple of new components on several occasions, I think it just barely has over 5500 hrs–the tubes still sound fantastic.

I shudder to think what all that time would have cost me if I was running true tube amps (given the much more limited life of power tubes), but I’m running BHK 300s (which use small signal tubes as well), so no problem there either.

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