BHK Preamp in HT Bypass and use with McIntosh Mono blocks

Looking for Users and PS Audio experts advice regarding using BHK preamp in HT mode and use With McIntosh Monos @Paul.

Is it set to full gain and still usethe tube gain stage and improve the sound? Or is this completely by passed?

Does it supply enough oomph to match well with Mcintosh Mono blocks particularly MC1000 that likes 2.5 volts supplied?

Has anyone driven big McIntosh mono blocks with the BHK preamp and their opinions on match?

I can’t answer specifically to those amps, but I can tell you that I regularly use mine in HT pass through mode. With it I have run my big Pass Labs X350.0, new McIntosh MC312, and PS Audio Stellar 300 amp…all with fantastic results.

I use the BHK for all of my 2-channel listening, then run HT bypass when listening to my 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos. I listen to a lot of multi-channel music and concerts in the bypass mode…very good stuff indeed.

You’ll need to check with the guys at PS Audio as to how it treats that incoming signal. I could be wrong, but what I understand, it’s simply a pass-through.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Aparrently the effects of tube is not easily heard in your system if it is active in HT bypass. Good to hear you have had luck using it with your McIntosh amps in two channel.

I guess I can always do a trial buy though i like answers and not guessing before big purchases. I was hoping a PS Audio Representative would chime in here and were eager to court a potential customer.

I have used a HT pass through on my Lyngdorf TDAI2200 and fed the amps with its signal it still made use of the Room Perfect and Digital Gain Stages before buying a MX150 HT processor with Room Perfect.

My primary use planned would be always in HT pass mode and use Room Perfect signal that goes through the tube stage. My listening room benefits from Room Perfect substantially and was hoping to avoid chasing less effective room treatments that can be a poke and hope to get it right. I suppose I could still put a Lyndorf prior to The BHK preamp…