BHK Pre and triamping


My BHK arrives next week and I will burn in with the Tunsgram PCC 88 for 200 hrs as suggested by many others.

The BHK is fitted with 2 pairs of outputs and 10 pairs of inputs. Trading of 2 pairs of XLR inputs for another pair of XLR outputs would have been nice for me.

I triamp with my present tube pre amp which is fitted with 2 pairs of XLR.

One pair of XLR feeds a pair of active subs 25 feet away, and the other pair feeds 4 channels of amplification via passive crossovers 6 feet away.

I am planing to connect the BHK with the XLR feeding the subs and the RCA feeding the other 4 channels of amplification.

If someone else have done this kind of setup pls chime in.

Thank you

I suggest feeding the sub with the SE outputs. The advantage of XLR is common mode noise rejection. While unlikely an issue for you in any event, any such noise is much more likely to be heard on your main speakers than the limited low frequencies the sub reproduces.

Another option is an XLR splitter. The BHK will easily drive both the sub and the other amplification.

Of course, the third option is the drive the sub with a signal from the amp if the sub provides for this.

Thank you Elk,

I am really glad to hear from you that the BHK will easily drive both subs and the 4 monos of amplification.

The reason why I like to do the subs via XLR is because the IC run is about 25 ft and the SE picks up hum and noise which I have already tested.

I have ordered the XLR ‘Y’ splitters, which appears to be my only option.

Will continue to post my results.

Hello Elk,

You are correct.

I have now installed PSA BHK in my 2 channel. The line out balanced signal is extremely strong.

Installed the xlr splitter and the BHK effortlessly drive my 6 channel of amplification. I don,t think I will ever need to use single end line out.

This is a really quiet Pre and even with the Tunsgram PCC88 there is not a trace of hiss heard with my ear pressed up against the ribbon tweeters.

Thank you for the confidence.

Excellent news!