BHK Preamplifier and the P10

I love the BHK pre, but I was feeling that something was missing. I was about to go on another IC hunt, but decided to try one thing before I did that.

Before the BHK, I had run the P10 with multiwave 6. After living with BHK for a bit, I reduced the MW to 3. Yesterday, I turned off MW altogether (switched to “Sine”). The result: all the detail remained, but now the missing element (fullness, instrument and vocal body) was back in spades!

Anybody else experience this?

And although this may have been discussed elsewhere, I’m curious about PS Audio setups used for voicing a component like the BHK. Do you use a P10? If so, do you use MW, and if you do, what strength?

I don’t have any of the BHK components. I’m a tube guy, I have a Decware Torii Mk III and I use the Decware ZBit to run the balanced output of the DS into the single-ended input of the Torii. I use a Decware CSP2+ preamp for two other sources, but I’ve never tried a preamp that I like with the DS, I prefer to run it into the Torii without a preamp.

I find Multiwave to be a sort of novel sound now and then and especially with higher res material, but I run the P10 (as I did the P5 and PPP before them) on SINE almost all the time. It’s just the most tonally accurate and satisfying sound for me. All systems are a bit different (at least a bit!) but I want to like Multiwave a lot more than I actually do.