new P10 user

Hi guys,

I just got my p10 and listen to it for about 15 mins during lunch. I could hear a little improvement on my system. Wonder how long it will take to break it in fully. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thx!


With a new P10 in the system you’re not only breaking in the P10 but also all the power supplies of your existing equipment. If you’re using Multiwave, you’re extending the peak charging cycle in the power supplies (adding an equivalent larger capacitor to the power supply) and those may not be used to that just yet. So give it 50 hours or so, IMHO.

Lots of great sound ahead of you! My P10 was all over the map the first 100 hours or so, wasn’t steady as far as voltage out and sounded good. . . but I had no idea how wonderful it was to become later on. Wow. Stick with it and strap your seat belt on good and tight. :wink:

Wow 100 hrs! That’s a long time to wait, hopefully it’s all worth it. I have 30 days to decide if this new toy will stay in my house. Thx guys.

Just leave it powered up and powering a few things like a DVR left on or a cd player playing a cd or a tuner on a station, your amp can be off. That will help get you there, put some hours on. In a few weeks if it is at all like mine it will sound very different, in a very positive way.

Hello P10 users,

can you guys share your voltage and MultiWave settings? Just trying to get an idea what sound good to your guys. Thanks!

I just leave voltage at 120 out, seems no reason to mess with that to me in my system. I’m using tube preamp, phono preamp and amplifier and I find that “HIGH REGULATION” really does sound best to me, and after breakin I generally do NOT use MultiWave at all, sometimes I will use it at “1” for hi-res content. Using reference material, most of which is material I recorded myself of bands I participated in in my then garage apartment, “SINE” gives the most natural, possibly most accurate playback.

I also leave mine at 120V and on high regulation. I rarely use multiwave and typically do so just to play. Periodically I invoke cleanwave. I admit however not to be a dedicated tweaker. I am quickly distracted by listening to music and do not obsess over the system itself. Others love to tweak and test.

Try various settings and learn what you prefer. It is likely at least a bit system dependent, especially multiwave.

120v high regulation for me results in more consistent THD output of 0.1 to 0.2. Have stayed with multiwave at 4 to 5 and it has left me with remarkable listening sessions. I noticed a significant difference for the better after 120hours.