BHK Signature 250 Amplifier


To answer Elk’s question; I record on my reel-to-reel music from different sources. Such as: FM radio broadcasts, or make a recording of different songs from my LP’s, in the order and selection of my choosing. It is great fun, and I have quite a collection of tapes, to listen too. :slight_smile:


Hi Wakethetown,

there is a specific post about tube rolling on BHK amps that you can read.

I agree with I’ll be Bach about the amperex PQ white label, I also have very good results with them. but they are a little expensive. I have equally good results with Voskhod 6n23p from the 60s, which are more more affordable.

benNy00 said

The BHK Signature 250 Amplifier is very special. I have had it for almost 3 weeks and have over 400 hrs. logged on it. It sounds wonderful; I have not heard the 700s but moving up to the 250 would be a big upgrade. I say that from noting the different technologies employed. The 250 was designed to sing and boogie and have a whole lot of soul! I could wax lyrical but this amp is so good it speaks for itself. Maybe one of the other folks here are familiar with both amps and will chime in.

I have owned many amps over my 50 years of stereo buying: Mark Levinson, Classe, Audio Research, Bryston, and others. This amp beats them all!

Hope that helps.

PS. Get a really good pair of speakers first; so you can hear what this amp can do. This is assuming everything else is up to snuff. Only as good as your weakest link.

Thanks for the input. I actually did upgrade speakers (yesterday) and while the 700s drive them, I feel they may be taxed at certain passages/songs. Also I get varying input/output levels which I guess is expected. Spotify for some reason I can listen to at 6 and 35-40 is plenty. Roon and various hi-res runs from 40-?? depending on material. Not sure I'm getting everything I need to make these sing, hence my interest in BHK 250.

Any input here guys is much appreciated!smile

I’m running:

DSD (jr) no pre

M700’s (Speaker cable = Kimber 4TC which may not be adequate)

Dynaudio Confidence C1s

Sensitivity: 85dB (2,83V / 1m)
IEC Power Handling: 170W
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response (± 3 dB: 45Hz – 22kHz
Box Principle: Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover: 2 way
Crossover frequency: 1800Hz
Specification sheet for Confidence part 1
Crossover topology: 1st order
Woofer: 17cm MSP
Tweeter: 28mm Esotar²


The only way you can really tell if a product is suitable for you is to compare them head to head… Sure the opinions of others might help narrow the gap - but you really need to listen to the BHK amplifiers through your system.

My own experience came from listening to the BHK 300’s against the top of the range Constellation amplifiers - regarded as one of the very best amplifiers ever built… Well, I’ve sold the Constellation amplifiers and I believe they now reside in Switzerland… I am in dreamland with the BHK amplifiers; BHK Preamp, BHK300’s and BHK250… I could wax lyrical - but at the end of the day it’s only my opinion… Bang for buck you couldn’t do better - simply because the BHK amplifiers musical performance topped the Constellation amplifiers ( through my ears ), at a mere fraction of the cost of the wonderful Constellation amplifiers… I wasn’t unhappy with the Constellation amplifiers: - but when I heard the BHK 300’s in my system it didn’t take me long before I placed an order for a pair… The BHK amplifiers are truly musically sublime and they make me feel good with every listen !



I listened to the Confidence C1 Platinum’s at a dealer in late November driven by both the BHK 250 and BHK 300’s. I own the predecessor model the Confidence C1 II which sound substantially the same as your speakers. I can tell you that as a long time Dyn owner, they are speakers that respond well to plenty of muscle from an amplifier. They are a fairly neutral speaker (as speakers go) and tend to reflect what they are being fed up the chain.

Based on my recent experience, I don’t think you will have any issues with the BHK 250 driving the C1’s. The system with a DMP and DS Dac feeding them, made beautiful music. As good as the BHK 250 is, I ended up ordering the BHK300’s as there is just more of everything the BHK 250 brings to the table. For double the price, you would naturally hope so. Are the BHK300’s twice as good as the BHK 250?

Probably not, which IMHO makes the BHK250 very good value for money. Good luck with what ever you decide.