BHK signature 250 hotter on left heat sink

Hi guys I am new to PS Audio having just bought the BHK Signature 250 stereo power amplifier. I love what this amp does for my music but here is my dilemma. I know the amp runs hot but the left heat sink is considerably hotter 53 deg C, versus the right sink 47 deg C ( sorry I’m from Europe so not sure what that is in degrees F). This is with the amp powered up but no music playing.

The amp is new from my dealer and I have burnt it in for around 300 hours

Are your speaker cables of equal length between left and right?

Yes. 2.5m
Nordost Tyr 2

Welcome! This temp delta is within spec if the amp is just idle. If you play music, it will likely decrease.

Thanks so much it has put my mind at rest. I have switched to the 250 from Chord Electronics which never got above being lukewarm. So just having to readjust to life…but loving it so far. I wish I had taken the plunge years ago!

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It is normal for one side of the BHK amp to be hotter than the other. It shouldn’t be extreme but they rarely are the same. It’s the nature of the biasing circuit that automatically adjusts the bias for distortion.


A picture of your setup would be helpful. I had a BHK 250 next to a P10. The side of the BHK next to the P10 ran hotter. The other side of the BHK which had nothing but open space next to it naturally ran cooler