BHK 250 - man it heats up the room

I have a dedicated room in basement. During the winter it does get chilly. Not since 2 weeks ago when I got the BHK250 its nice and snuggly in there. I do like it this time of year, especially at night, but in a month I dont think so.

Do others notice this? I am sure I could do power down. I use the trigger now, is there a safe way to kill the heat but keep it ready?

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From the owners manual:

“We recommend leaving the rear panel power switch active at all times, but placing the unit in its standby mode when listening has been finished. Standby can be activated by pressing the front panel PS Audio logo button, located on the upper left hand corner of the BHK Signature front panel. When the logo standby button is not lit, the amplifier is in standby mode, and the vacuum tubes are turned off. Standby mode keeps the solid state circuitry of the amplifier in a reduced power mode, maintaining excellent performance benefits while consuming little power.”

I believe using the trigger achieves the same. It still is very hot.


After a couple of years I finally had to get a second amp that runs cooler for the Summer months in Florida. It runs about 90 degrees at the heat sinks as opposed to 115 for the 250.

While playing, mine was barely warm when placing my hand anywhere on the amp.

You must be running low impedance low sensitivity speakers. I am using 4 ohm speakers but they are 93 db per watt sensitive. My 250 never gets hot even when I am cranking it up.

I am running Sopra 2. So not low. I am not running it when I first enter room. The room is warm. I recently went from Parasound and Krell combo to first the pre and then the 250. The room is warm when I walk in. It used to not be. When I touch the sides of the amp it’s warm. Not hot but noticeably warm. I did verify the light turns off with trigger. And it’s modes take a few seconds to turn on when triggered by pre. Of course the pre takes 45 seconds by design.

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And my Verity Otello’s are 8 ohms and 93db so again not the speakers. You guys need to actually get a digital thermometer like the HVAC guys use and actually measure. The hand test won’t tell you anything in regards to heating up a room when left on. I have dozens of times and it always comes in at 110-116 degrees. In an enclosed dedicated room like mine that is intentionally left with the door closed that is a major factor in raising the ambient temperature on the room when left on standby 24/7. In an open concept/family room type setting might not be noticeable at all.

The bias may be set too high. Of course it is not user adjustable and would require a return for service.

It sounds like our systems and rooms are remarkable similar. Are your Sopra 2 white?

I had the same problem with the radiant heat. I bought the fan unit and have been happy with the results. I have mine set at 95F.

AC Infinity AIRCOM T8, Quiet Cooling Blower Fan System 17" Rear-Exhaust for Receivers, Amps, DVR, AV Cabinet Components

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Mine are African Zebrawood. They have not made them for years.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve got some incredible wood there!


That dog sure has one worried look on it’s face. Maybe thinking I can battle 1 but not 2. :slight_smile:


Same here, running 93 db 4 ohm speakers, amp barely gets warm.

Listening room is in the basement, so not a problem even in the summer.

Those are beautiful.

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Still haven’t figured out how one would know if the bias on their BHK amp is out of spec. I had to drop my 250 off because the left input socket wouldn’t release the XLR connector, and while being serviced they also re-biased the amp. The amp sounded noticable better afterwards.
I never would’ve known my amp wasn’t preforming at it’s peak potential, had I not had it serviced.

@Gary_M Thanks, and that is an interesting point. My room is sealed tight. Insulated on all four sides. Tight sealing door. Things we do to keep sound down keep the air in too. Its attached to the first floor HVAC, but only kicks on when upstairs is hot or cold. so the room can be drastically diff. temp. I added 3 pieces of gear these few months. BHK Pre, BHK 250 and JL CR-1. All give heat to the touch. not the most scientific methods, but its noticeable. Worried about summer getting really bad. I really should do a mini split for that room and the office next door. But its not audio related so I hate spending the money such things.

Hey brian…

As others have mentioned…my thinking as well is that your
BHK’s bias may be set too high…my .02 …

You may have a few more initial watts running in Class A…
no telling how many…

Might be best to contact jamesh the Whiz Kid…he can certainly
have insight into this…

Best wishes

My basement HVAC is also tied to the thermostat on the main level floor. Basement ceiling, which is 9’, is lower than the cathedral ceiling on the main level, so the listening room trends to be a little warmer, so I keep the heat vents closed in the winter. I reopen them during the summer so the AC helps cool the room.

I installed a ductless (mini split) system in my room. It’s spectacularly good. Lowest fan setting does’t bother me at all unless I’m critically listening. It was the wife’s suggestion. I think it was her way of keeping me “in my room” during the summer months. I have other gear in there that runs hot as well so it wasn’t just the BHKs making things uncomfortable. Now it’s one of the most comfortable rooms in the house during summer.

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