BHK250 - does it need load?


I am doing some REW measurements and want to test my sub without the main speakers. I am using a REL T9i with high level inputs.

Is it okay to switch on the BHK250 without the speakers connected?

Good question. I don’t know for sure but I would think only a rather unstable amp design would have an issue with no load.

I created a number of filters some years ago but found the ease of using HAF just to easy and better than I was able to achieve and the system is measured as a whole. I spent a couple months getting the position, xover and delay as good as I could with the controls then added convolution to put the shine on the wax job.

Thierry has created 8 different sets for me to shape around different tubes in the preamp or to add just a bit of house boost to warm up low nighttime volumes.

When I was using REW I had M700 and they didn’t care that the subs were connected without speakers but I’m using a Jensen transformer to feed them low level and now with a BHK 250.

I don’t know if @BHK is around much but he’d have the design answer.


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Thanks for the response. Based on my knowledge obtained from guitar amps, the M700’s would be fine because they’re class d. Generally only tube amps need load… not sure if this applies to Hifi or the bhk250 specifically.

I have also got some filters from HAF. They are great. I did perform the measurements with the sub connected but I am worried my crossover might be creating some inaccuracies in the measurements and I am keen to do some REW measurements to check the crossover point before taking some more measurements for Thierry at HAF.


Oh yeah for sure blend them as best you can first with REW.

Only the input of the BHK is tube. I don’t think the mosfets will do anything but give what they are asked of by the load.

But definitely wait for PSA before risking it. Too heavy to blow up for a silly reason.

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No worries about not having an output load. Works just fine.


Yep, won’t be a problem. Sometimes the guys in the lab will need to test them without a load. Completely fine.