Bi amping my M700's

Bit of a newbie question really, and prob obvious to many, BUT can I use the M700 amps as suitable components in a bi amp situation? As a couple of speakers I am looking at have 2 sets of terminals. Thanks people

Firstly you MUST remove any link between the speakers two pairs of input terminals (otherwise you’d be shorting two amp channels together and blowing things like output transistors).

Then run one speaker wire from one channel to just one of the speaker terminals and then run a separate wire from the other amp channel to the other speaker terminal - as I’ve said whatever you do don’t join the outputs of the amps together. Some people run heavier wire to the bass speaker’s input, certainly different wires sound different.

To add to the excellent previous reply, when you state your desire to “bi-amp” this means employing 4 M700s as each is mono. It would be a very ineffient speaker that would need this type of power. If instead, if you are referring to using only 2 M700s but two sets of speaker cables to each amp, then that is technically “bi-wiring” and the M700’s definitely support this as two pairs of output terminals are provided. In either case, make sure the speaker jumpers are removed.