A quick question regarding the M700's

I am looking at new speakers (Fyne Audio F501SP floor stand models) they are biwireable. If I want to bi amp them, is it just a matter of using both sets of terminals on the M700, connected to both terminals on the speakers? Thanks

If you use two set of cables running from the same pair of amplifiers it is “bi-wired”.
You would need 4 amplifiers total to “bi-amp” the speakers. Two amplifiers for the upper connections and two amps for the bass connections on your speakers.
Hope this helps!


@Baldy is right. With two amps the most you can do is biwire. If the speakers are set up for a single, full-range feed, they’ll have a jumper on the terminals. Don’t forget to remove it. :wink:


Thanks. I forgot to mention the jumpers.

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You can also get cables that have 2 connectors at the amp end and 4 at the speaker end. I have attached 2 photos, 1 at my M1200’s, one at the speaker (with jumpers removed).

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