Bi-wired interconnects? Huh!

I decided to give this tweak a try…having an extra set of interconnects to use [same type/brand/length]I went ahead and ordered two pair of AudioQuest RCA male… to two RCA female… hard assembly rca splitters. $56.00 dollars from Amazon.

Folks…Doug Schroeder is really on to something here. After installing the bi wired inner-connects via the splitters from my BSG qol to preamp… the sound of the bi-wired ic application was superb…What stood out most was an increase in bass impact with a more defined and impactful presentation. On top of that… clarity and separation within the soundstage took a turn for the better…with a more finely laid out detail emerging from the musical fabric…Color me impressed!

Doug even has some cable manufacturers onboard making custom wire… dispensing with the rca splitters. Balanced cable options too.

Caution…not recommended preamp to power amp

Much more detailed info on the Audiogon thread link below if anyone is interested. Happy tweaking!

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I had a guitar amp built that goes to “11”, for when you need that extra push over the cliff…

Have you thought of trying single ICs with the same inductance and capacitance values? Could save you some money with less risk.

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Well I had my clock radio custom built to go to 12, so I bet it gets me further over the cliff.

Seriously I think the Beef is on to something. Might be a good one for “Ask Paul” .

As always,proceed with caution in all things tweaky. This tweak is not recommended preamp to power amp. Please read the thread for info please…

Hoping at least one of you get the “Spinal Tap” reference… ; )

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Of course, it goes without saying.

Mark - curious if you’ve done a volume-matched comparison. On the face of it, this is the sort of thing that gives audiophiles a bad name (and in this case, makes IC manufacturers really happy).

Mark,no comparison…just my listening savvy… At this point in time…in concern of my lifetime audio journey…I can tell what I like without worrying about technicalities getting in the way. If it gives me a bad name…I really don’t mind…The key to this hobby for me is what I like…not what others may perceive as some type of bad audio forum juju reporting…

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Good on you - and I’m not opposed to it working, just thinking it would raise the level, making it harder to know what you’re hearing.

Running two cables in parallel and connected at both ends would double capacitance. Resistance, characteristic impedance, and inductance would be halved. It is a bit like like using starquad mic cable.

Depending on the cable and the connected equipment this might sound better.

If the level was being raised a few dB maybe it could skew my findings…but this is not the case. Whatever is going on,my ears seem to like the results.

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Seems like a lot of people who tried it would agree with that Elk.

I think it unlikely that the volume would be increased in any appreciable amount.

I suspect the improvement some hear is a function of the specific cables they have been using and the precise doubled cables rather than the configuration itself.

As I mentioned, the configuration is functionally equivalent to using starquad cable. Starquad cable has a built in double run.


OK, ok! A guy can ask stupid questions, can’t he? ; ). I’ve actually built a lot of IC’s with 5 Nines copper developed for the Bullet Train, some in hand-braided starquad config. Cool stuff - it has a very thin, clear coating that you have to burn off the ends in order to make the solder joints. Makes a big difference what sort of RCA connector you attach it to as well. Ultimately too much work though…

Easy to believe that this would change the sound.
Improve is entirely subjective, and unlikely, IMHO.

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I enjoy building cables but it can be slow work, especially for us perfectionists.

Exactly… An improvement would also entail a change. That is why the subjective aspect would include a listening process for any determination of an improvement…

I was getting ready to try it out yesterday as I ran across my “good” Straightwire Y cables, and I have multiple Transparent IC’s for the HT rig (not currently set up), but then realized the Y’s are the wrong way around. Have some the other way, but don’t know where they are, and they’re roughly of Radio Shack quality. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Mark…take the Nike pledge and “just do it”… :basketball: