Line level bi-wiring

Anyone here tried this? I am doing this between my BHK Pre and First watt SIT2 amp. I was using Blue jeans RCA cable and recently purchased Audio Envy RCAs, both 15’. I like the openness and transparency of the audio envy cable but also like the sweetness of the BJ cable. I remembered one of his video Paul was discussing how PSA build their power cable with a mix of different wire types and sizes to capture the sonic qualities of each, and thought… Why not interconnects as well? So Amazon just dropped off some Audioquest RCA splitters just now and here we are:

I am still doing comparisons but boy oh boy I think I am hearing the best of both cables!

Anyone tried this?

Here you go…

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I did this with speaker cables and definitely heard a different sound. However, there was also cancellation in some frequencies which took away from the sound.

@mark-d: looks like according to Schroeder, it’s recommended that this method be use with the same cable instead of different ones I like do. Not exactly sure the concern… I haven’t read the entire discussion yet.

@vee: I’ll pay attention to see if I hear any loss of frequencies… thanks for the heads up

So far… I’ve been doing some A/B and I got to say, thinking I will stick with this setup. It’s the best of both world so far to me… combing the openness and clarity of the Audio Envy cable with some of the warmth from the Bluejean cable. I really like the outcome.