Blind describing the elephant

The blind were asked to describe the elephant.
Each of them described it by touching a part of the elephant.
The person holding the elephant’s ear; He said the elephant looks like a fan. The person holding the leg; He said like a column. The person holding the hose; He said like a snake.
Why did I write these; each of us somehow post about psaudio direct stream here.
But I am sure; everyone hears something else and tries to describe it. The sound heard is so dependent on other components in the system that it is unlikely that the sound will even be similar.
I cut the 100 cm long hdmi cable that I used between the matrix and the ds and made 30 cm cables. There is a serious difference between the 100 cm version and the 30 cm version of the Silentwire reference brand cable in the use of i2s. The 30 cm version is much more dynamic, the gain is higher, it is more 3D and in a good sense everything is more.
it’s like a different cable
After this experiment, my opinion was solid. Those who use dragons on DS and others certainly do not hear the same thing.


Nailed it!


DeForest, WI is where that one reads I believe…ears still good.

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